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Lynn Myers

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Lynn Myers

Central Texas College

Area of Study

Military Service
Army, Combat Medic 2002-2006

To what degree does the GI Bill cover your school expenses?
If used properly, my GI bill pays for 95% of expenses.

What prompted you to return to school?
I was prompted to return to school when I medically retired from the Army as a medic.  I had little to fall back on, as my plans were to continue my service for many more years and retire.  To make a living today it requires a college degree.

Was adjusting to campus culture a challenge after military life?
Yes, I had never been exposed to such a concentration of lazy people who didn’t know what they wanted.  Myself and other prior military people stuck out like a sore thumb.

Do you believe your military experience has made you a better student?
I am a leader.  In my area of study, if your judgment is clouded or you are not 100% in it, people get hurt.  I lead by example and always try to raise the bar on excellence for those around me. This was learned behavior from my military experience.  Also, if I’m not getting shot at, I usually don’t stress too much.  Comparing college to my worst/most dangerous Army experiences, makes college a simple task.

What advice do you have for veterans returning to school?
Just to apply the discipline and skills we learned in service to everything you do in school.  Remember the values required of a soldier: Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor and Integrity, and Personal Courage.  Apply these to college, it helps.

Additional Comments
If I were to speak to my college experience, as my hurdle to jump, I would say, “I have seen things worse than you, I have mastered things harder than you, I have survived things deadlier than you.  You are a stepping stone on the path to where I am headed, therefore you not a hurdle big enough to impede my progress.  Have confidence in yourself.