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Craig D. Bosse

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Craig D. Bosse

California University of Pennsylvania & Community College of the Air Force

Area of Study
Sports Management & Hospitality Management

Military Service
Air Force, 3MO71 Services 2004-2012

To what degree does the GI Bill cover your school expenses?
100%, except for books this is due to taking mainly online courses. Waiting to start my Masters Degree. I will also be transferring some of my GI Bill benefits to my spouse.

What prompted you to return to school?
Realizing how competitive the job market is in the civilian sector pushed me to continue to get my bachelors degree and subsequently my masters degree. Also, the ease in which the military makes college available to all its members was key also.

Was adjusting to campus culture a challenge after military life?
Didn't attend college on campus, most of my courses were on base where I was stationed or online through Cal U.

What has your experience been like at California University of Pennsylvania & Community College of the Air Force ?
Very positive, I had to be flexible with school due to deployments and such. California University of Pennsylvania worked with me each and every time. The staff that works with the online students were always gracious and very proactive in helping me with my situation at that particular point and time.

Do you believe your military experience has made you a better student?
Before going into the military I went to local community colleges at home. I struggled tremendously and didn't have the maturity yet to stick with it. I know that the Air Force has instilled in me: maturity, confidence, discipline, communication skills to now be able to succeed in attaining a college degree.

What advice do you have for veterans returning to school?
Don't be fearful of being out of place. What Veterans have to offer is experience, with travel, deployments, different cultures/languages, juggling both a full time job, school and a family in some instances. Also, they would be surprised at how much of their military life/experiences can correlate to course work. I know it did for me. Enjoy it! The campus atmosphere, the facilities, the student body & faculty, the athletics, the history and of course your fellow military students. I'm sure I would have enjoyed going to school on campus if I had to do it all over again.

Additional Comments
My time in the military has taught me that "time waits for no one", so with all the various demands on its military members, college was just the next step to be a more productive NCO and member in the U.S Air Force. You can attain a lot by being in the military, but what some folks don't prepare for is life after the military. Education is one of those "BIG TICKET" items that some people don't take advantage of. Everyone and I mean "everyone" can get a college degree. It may take a little longer than most, like it did for me but being in the place I am right now, I'm grateful I did this way.