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Lauren Pfeifer

Meet a Student

Lauren Pfeifer

California University of Pennsylvania

Area of Study
Master of Science: Legal Studies with concentration in Criminal Justice

Military Service
CoastGuard, Yeoman 2009-2013

To what degree does the GI Bill cover your school expenses?
The G.I. Bill and CG Tuition Assistance has covered almost all of my school expenses.

What prompted you to return to school?
I returned to school to get my Masters Degree while remaining active duty in the Coast Guard, in order to achieve bigger goals later in my career. I also wanted to gain more knowledge in Criminal Justice in hopes for a civilian Federal job after my service. I wanted to take advantage of Tuition Assistance and challenge myself to continue my educational goals as well.

Was adjusting to campus culture a challenge after military life?
Luckily schools like CALU are not only military friendly, but allow active duty members like myself to complete a totally 100% online Masters Program, so technically adjusting to campus culture was not necessary. Going back to school after getting a Bachelors degree and adjusting to the online way of learning was tough at first, but with all the technology advances, online learning was easy to pick up!

What has your experience been like at California University of Pennsylvania?
My experience at CALU has been extremely beneficial and rewarding. CALU is also very military friendly and the Professors have always given me an alternate schedule if training or deployments interfered with a class.

Do you believe your military experience has made you a better student?
My military experience has made me a better student because it keeps me very goal oriented. It makes me want to constantly challenge myself to be a better person.

What advice do you have for veterans returning to school?
My advice to veterans returning to school would be organization and time management. I have achieved the best grades while using my time wisely in between work schedules. Staying organized only made this process easier.